quinta-feira, fevereiro 26, 2004

A night to dream in Estádio do Dragão

Yesterday have been a great night, thanks to a double score of Benni McCarthy Porto won an important match against Manchester United. Non many people would have bet on it, also on newspapers everyone predicted a victory of the more famous 'Red Devils' team. But it didn't happened.

It have been a night to dream cause it was the night of revenge, yeah the revenge on the pitch towards all who said Porto isn't a team so good to play Champions League (oh so many times I heard it!!) . Revenge to all who understimate Porto and don't see the strenght that this team has.
We proved that we're second to no one and that once more portuguese football has still its value in the european scene.

It have been a dream, hope we will be still dreaming in 2 weeks and even if we have to wake up, we'll do it with the pride that loving the striped shirt teach us.
Thanks to everyone who made this dream come true.

--always força Porto--


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