segunda-feira, janeiro 26, 2004

RIP Miki Fehér

The great Benfica player died yesterday on the field in Guimarães Stadium during the match. After getting a yellow card from the referee he fell on the field unconscious and he didn't stood up again.

He was surrounded of his team mates that cried knowing that there was not much to do. Benfica staff and all the ppl in the stadium were very emotionally touched.

Fehér have been then taken to Guimarães hospital but the ambulance got late on the field due to a little wall that closed the entrance of the stadium.
Doctor gave the sad bulletin at 23.30.

This have been a very sad and dramatic night for portuguese football and for all the football too.

My condolences goes to his family, to all benfiquistas and to everyone that cared for him.

He really honored the shirt he wore, honour to him.

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