segunda-feira, novembro 24, 2003

Rui, the wise - Interview from ACMilan official site 24/11/03 16:12

Manuel Rui Costa was calm and serene as he dealt with the problem of his failure to score this season. Speaking at a club press conference, he revealed:
'Everyone is asking me about goals. I mean, I would be worried, if I didn't get into the match, I didn't try my luck or didn't help the team. But I think I'm doing well all the same. My task is to help the team both in attacking and defending. I've always repeated it, assists are worth the same of goals'.

Then the Portuguese star looked ahead to the upcoming trip to Amsterdam and said:
'It will be a difficult game between two teams who know each other very well. Last season we all remember how it finished, that's why they would like to take their revenge. The key to defeating them will be to defend accurately, preventing them from going wide and then hit.'

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